We are Connect Minds!

In short, we are an integrated event, marketing and design start-up.
In long, we like creating, developing and running all types of cool (but really pro!) things like conferences, trainings, in-company gatherings and sports events, or offering marketing advice, support, consultancy and design services to our corporate clients.

All what we do is based on one main objective: Do only things that matter!

We are a bunch of people passionate with research, markets understanding, organizational behavior and the impact of human psychology in business. We constantly talk with professionals to understand their business environment, their needs, their challenges, their opinions, their ideas, their solutions and we then put this altogether to create events or strategies that “connect minds” and hopefully support people in striving for the best in both their professional and personal life.

We are dedicated to give to our people AND to our clients something to believe in.
Albert Einstein once said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them“… The world as we are shaping it is a wonderful machine to create challenges. We want to be part of those trying to overcome them…

To do that, let’s be open-minded, let’s share experiences, let’s be understanding, let’s learn from others, let’s be inspirational sometimes and let’s always connect minds!