Connect Minds have been researching the SSC industry in Central Eastern Europe since its creation back in 2015.
Over the years, we have established strong ties with the sector and its actors, deep-digging into the most pressing issues that are then discussed at events organized across the region, connecting like-minded SSC leaders to extend experience and best practices sharing beyond borders and corporate standards.

Embracing the trends of today’s business world made of a constant search for increased flexibility and agility, we have launched in 2020 “Connect Minds Consulting“, an innovative solution leveraging on the power of our “network / crowd” to offer cost-effective, practical, hands-on, SSC-specific advisory services delivered directly by SSC practitioners.
We thrive to have solutions for every inquiry – from a few hours per week to more intensive assignments – covering all specialties across SSCs’ operations, finding within our contacts, the perfect match for any organization’s needs, at any given time.

Do not hesitate to contact Jules on for more information on the concept and a description of our “consultant matchmaker” step-by-step process to connect experienced professionals and promote structured best practice sharing in a formalized way.

Our consultancy solutions also extend to anything related to greenfield projects – supported by our many years of experience in the arena, we offer:

  • market research for location selection
  • project feasibility assessment
  • connection with experienced actors operating in the field for objective and real-time feedback
  • connection with local investment and promotion agencies for a clear understanding of incentives at stake in each location
  • events creation to connect all actors of the sector

Should you be in the research phase to set-up a business service center in the CEE region or beyond, do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can support you in your decision making process.