Connect Minds’ Online Breakfast Meetings Series


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We spend most of our time researching and chatting with SSC leaders from across the entire CEE region and we have realized that the new “home office environment” has in a way increased the needs for exchange and experience sharing – connecting minds not being only our name, but also our motto, we thought it was somehow our duty to find a way to address this issue.
We were not super keen on “transforming” physical events into online conferences, so we rather decided to work on a new project, putting together meaningful virtual meetings, that is to say, to take the words out of our participants’ mouths, to keep on delivering the “Connect Minds’ no B.S.” experience that focuses on fuelling the exchange among peers on the current most pressing issues faced by SSC/GBS organizations in the region… from the comfort of their chair!

This is how the Connect Minds’ Online Breakfast Meetings Series were born, short and sweet meetings to help you guys keep up-to-speed with what is happening in the industry.
1 week per month, evey morning for 1 hour only from 9 to 10 am, join us to hear from best practices and experience sharing in master data on Mondays, P2P on Tuesdays, O2C on Wednesdays, RPA on Thursdays and Strategic SSC Management on Fridays!

You will find all the details of each session (programs, timings, speakers, etc.) by clicking on the respective dates here below!

So, sure, we all agree that virtual meetings cannot replace live events, but it is better than nothing… plus, it is free to attend for all SSC employees, so we are hoping to see many of you online!

Click right below and register for all the sessions you want!*
By the way, the more the merrier, so feel free to share the info with your peers if you think it can be relevant for them too, we will be covering topics for (almost) everyone!


*The meetings are free of charge for SSC/GBS employees only. First come, first served basis, there is a possibility for the event to be full by the time of registration.