We conceive events, we create bonds, we connect minds… This is the spirit!

We believe in research, market understanding, experience sharing and networking as main factors of growth and development. The business world as we shaped it is somehow better at creating challenges rather than solving them.
Our goal? Developing platforms to be on the “problem-solving” side and being event organizers of choice.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them
Albert Einstein

To do so, we put our practical and analytical mind to the service of creativity so we can offer to our clients the support that they need in finding answers to their concrete business needs. We are business enablers, capability builders and connectors!


We are professional events creators. Our core business is to research, benchmark, develop and deliver turnkey B2B conferences highlighting the most pressing issues and challenges faced by professionals in search of improved results. Discover our 2020 portfolio of events here:

Managed events

Putting together an internal event requires a lot of time and effort often taken from your (or your collaborators’) schedule. Check out our managed events services and benefit from the experience of professional B2B events organizers offering years of expertise to ensure the success of your project.

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