About Us – Conferences Makers


In short, we connect minds and try to facilitate knowledge sharing and networking.
In long, we constantly scrutinize business trends and dive into practical research to create, develop and run conferences, trainings and in-company events.

All what we do is based on one main objective: Address only what matters!

We are a bunch of people very keen on research, markets understanding, organizational behavior and all the intricacies and impact of human psychology in business.

Our day-to-day activity can be resumed in exchanging with practitioners from all fields to understand their business environment, needs, challenges, opinions, ideas, solutions, etc.
From there, we try to put everything together and create links that will serve as bases to our conferences. Hoping to “connect minds” and support people in going the extra mile professionally.

We are dedicated to give to our people AND to our clients something to believe in.
Albert Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them“. The world as we are shaping it is a wonderful machine to create challenges. We want to be part of those trying to overcome them…

To do that, there is nothing better than connecting minds.