We are a fully integrated event, marketing and design start up.
Which means we are creating, developing and running all types of cool things like conferences, trainings, in-company gatherings and sports events. We are young, so we are (hopefully) quickly growing, opening doors to many different opportunities for an exciting career or life development.

We believe above all in attitude, though we also do value experience a bit… We believe “smart” is stronger than “hard”, so we push hard to work smart and we strive to re-position intelligence and business in the center of all our processes.

If you are looking for exciting roles where you will not only have responsibilities but will also contribute to creating solutions to overcome the challenges you may face, then grab your chance to be a part of a dynamic, like-minded and small team geared toward personal and professional development!

Check our current vacant positions below and get in touch to maybe find your next career move!


This sales job does not require you to sell! It requires you to understand the needs of the people you talk with. Your ability to balance attentive listening with precise talking is crucial. This position is as much about introducing our events to potential clients as it is understanding the reasons why they could be (or not) a solution to their challenges.

You will be reporting directly to the Managing Director and you will be in charge of the following tasks:

  • Deeply understand the product you are in charge of selling (meaning understand the market and its drivers)
  • Position yourself at the same professional level as the individuals you’ll be meeting over the phone
  • Be able to stay confident and humble at the same time
  • Strategically and efficiently engage in two-way discussions with your targeted audience
  • Bridge the gap between clients’ needs and the value our products can deliver
  • Follow up with your clients with personalized emails and call backs
  • Close deals (or cash-in, as you prefer)
  • Manage your accounts: build and maintain relations with clients on the long run
  • Work closely with the rest of the team providing continuous feedback

We do value personalities but a few requirements must be met for the position:

  • Perfect level of spoken and written English
  • Willingness and desire to learn and constantly improve yourself (self questioning and humility are key)
  • Have a certain interest for processes and organization (it is actually the main part of your job!)
  • No fear of deadlines and high objectives
  • Work under pressure at periods of high activity
  • Some commercial studies and background experience in cold call sales are a huge plus
  • Ability to work on more than one task at the same time and switch easily between different subjects

Don’t be afraid to surprise us, we usually like unexpected situations.
Motivation, vision, objectives – this is what we are looking for!

So if you feel like exploring, understanding and analyzing what makes and un-makes business, then send us your CV with a short cover letter at with this subject line: KSF-Application.

We look forward to receiving your application!


The suitable candidate must be able to create, develop and execute 6-8 annual leading conferences, summits, forums or whatever you call it, all dedicated to experienced business experts attending to learn, share experience and network with one another.

These experts are not our clients, they are our partners. Our role? To conceive events, to create bonds and to connect minds…

We do value personalities, but a few requirements have to be met for the position:

  • Great market research and business intelligence skills (including data collection through phone interview conversations and data analysis)
  • Outstanding synthesis and copy-writing capabilities
  • Excellent communication at all levels of the organization
  • Out-of-the-box / Creative mindset
  • Entrepreneurial / Intrapreneurial spirit
  • Sense of responsibilities, independence and organization
  • Project management skills including planning, finance, stakeholder management and leadership
  • Excellent networking capabilities
  • Close to perfection in MS Office and Internet “tricks” – website administration and html coding is a plus
  • Background in marketing/sales is a big advantage

Comfortable with the business environment, a conference producer should:

  • Understand the project’s market in less time than it is needed to read the brief
  • Compile interviews with high level practitioners into a comprehensive “value-packed” and business-oriented agenda
  • Invite and manage a faculty of internationally recognized top-notch speakers / presenters
  • Be the center point of sales and marketing strategies for the project
  • Be responsible for the profitability of each project
  • Have excellent influencing and motivating skills to engage a “multi-facet, multi-disciplinary” team
  • Be able to juggle multiple projects at a time
  • Smoothly run the event on site (so technically, be happy to travel when abroad)
  • Work on developing relationships for long term goals of the company

So if you feel like exploring, understanding and analyzing what makes and un-makes business, then send us your CV with a short cover letter at with this subject line: CP-Application.

We look forward to receiving your application!


We are looking for a database manager, a part time position to be held in the vibrant city centre of Budapest, Hungary:
You will be reporting directly to the Managing team and you will be in charge of the following tasks:

  • Build the database with relevant contacts by targeting the right job titles and industry
  • Follow and improve the database process developed so far
  • Be in constant communication with the producer and the sales team to adapt the database to their needs

A few requirements have to be met for the position:

  • Perfect spoken and written English
  • Be able to meet ambitious objectives
  • Be comfortable with LinkedIn and Google search
  • Be available at least 15 hours / week during working hours / days

We look forward to receiving your application, so shoot and we hope to meet you in person!