Healthcare Facility Project ME Conference – 29-31 May 2016

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  • Project Management-Focused agenda the 5 Healthcare Facility Project Phases
  • Exciting presentation formats encouraging audience participation, engaging debates and direct feedback
  • Round Table Session to share your experience about the main challenges faced by healthcare organizations when planning on extension, renovation or new building programs
  • 4 value-packed, intensive workshops: “Team Effort & Commissioning”, “Building the Business Case for a Hospital Investment”, “Project Management Skills for Healthcare Leaders” or “Clinical Service Planning for New Hospitals”
  • Unrivaled networking opportunity with more than 50 practitioners from the region in one dedicated venue

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Developed on the results of an extensive research with healthcare experts practitioners, the Healthcare Facility Projects ME Conference has been designed to allow hospitals and project directors, facility planners, operating and medical officers and all staff involved in healthcare projects to interact, network and learn from the latest trends and best practices in healthcare real estate development, transformation and renovation.
Covering the main challenges and pitfalls of the entire life-cycle of projects/programs management, from initiation phase to completion and operability, the agenda invites the participants to exchange on the best ways to properly lead healthcare facility (re)design and (re)construction projects.

In the face of increased competition and financing challenges, hospitals and main healthcare centers have to precisely understand a Middle-Eastern market that is fast changing and mutating, in order to adapt to the evolving demand and expectations of the populations in terms of quality and delivery of care.
The Healthcare Facility Projects ME Conference will gather expert decision makers and hands-on strategists to shape the future of healthcare facility design, development and construction in the region.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]


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Conference: 29-31 May 2016

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For more information about Healthcare Facility Project ME Conference, agenda, speakers, discounts, etc. visit or send an email to

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